A variety of healthy fruits to help improve optimum nutrition

Healthy you - nutritionally unique

Individualised nutrition programmes for your wellbeing and health

A personalised nutrition programme advised by Diana will emphasise dietary choices to prioritise your specific health concerns. This will include advice on the use of different foods and nutrients, scientific health tests, cooking methods, and daily schedules all tailored to your life in a relevant and practical way. 

The aim is to care for your individual nutritional needs and to advise you on what to feed your body, to support your unique genetic identity.


Thank you for all your help, it's really appreciated. It's great to be able to speak to someone who understands and I feel that I am on the right road, so it gives me confidence.
Many, many thanks for allowing me to watch you practice. It was exceptionally beneficial to me and I hope, one day, I can be as good a Nutritional Therapist as you are.
There has been a gentle improvement some nights. Now taking extra things for sleep!
My partner has suffered from a rare migraine disorder all his life but didn’t experience any difficulty until adulthood. To date, he has had numerous admissions to hospital and many days of feeling poorly. He has been investigated extensively but up until now no medication has prevented the migraine attacks. This left us no other alternative but to seek treatment elsewhere and after hearing of Diana Wright and the good work she has done with close friends of ours, it was an obvious choice to seek her professional help. We met with Diana at the end of May 2019 and the first recommendation she suggested was for my partner to make changes to his diet. He has followed her instructions and is making brilliant progress with very few daily headaches, feels so much better in himself, less lethargic and fatigued, slight improvement in his eyesight, sleeps better but most importantly has not been admitted to hospital since the beginning of April 2019.
On behalf of all the parents who attended your talk on Thursday, I want to thank you for a very informative evening.
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